April 11, 2007

Easter Break

Easter was a gorgeous break. We have had 'family harmony'. Just by solidly hanging out all weekend together was really enjoyable, especially with the fact we all pottered around each other and achieved a great deal. I also managed to go and see a show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I saw Dylan Moran, who was hilarious in his
typical Irish half-cut swagger. It was a great night out especially as I managed to
catchup with my girlfriends (& Douggie) and not have the distraction of kids. We
also caught up at three venues which I have never been too!

Firstly meeting at 'Cookie'
on Swanston street, a bar with a reputation of fine food and a fabulous selection
of wine, beer and spirits- I'm breastfeeding so had a glass of very nice Rose called "Where's Molly?" from MacLaren vale wines.S.A. We then headed straight to the venue at Melbourne Town Hall and the one part of the Hall I hadn't been to was the Theatre, an hour and a half later we then drank at the bar located within the Townhall and did alot of local celebrity spotting, our fav was seeing Glenn Robbins (Kel from Kath'n'Kim) with a very busty blonde (no disrespect intended).

Lastly we had dinner at the very reputable 'Supper Club', a Melbourne institution, we fibbed our way in saying we had been at the head of the queue got a table and ate a very delicious meal including a seafood basket, prawns and beef dish with rice. Afterwards I saw my tram and had to make a quick get-away to catch it, delightful sight seeing me run for a tram in high boots and breast feeding bosoms.

The rest of the weekend was actually spent relaxing and pottering as before and tackling the solutions I had held in my head whilst in my 'nesting period' towards the end of last year. It was organising our last tower of boxes from our move to this current residence over two years ago (which now totals 3 plus x2 large plastic tubs) was dismantled so it didn't loom over us like a 'neon' light reminding me I still had to look through them and throw out stuff. So I cleverly (if I do say so myself)integrated the boxes around our furniture so they became inconspicuous and not a focus!

This photo taken before the chaos was cleaned up!

I also finally placed Orion's train table in his room which has created this wonderful space for either MD or I to stretch in or for Cleo to have playmat time or Orion to spread out his other toys. I'ts not that we couldn't find space to do that, it's just that since every floorspace had an item on it, I was starting to feel crowded out. I still think that the concept of the 'Rumpus Room' is very apt. I would love to have a room that was specifically for play, so that the majority of toys could be stored and played with there (Adults included). This will definitely be included in the design of my dream house.(fantasy)

Yesterday I also managed to send off a homemade postcard to a show in Thomastown USA. I found the kit amongst my art boxes. It was part of my 'The Sampler' package
I recieved late last year. I had missed the deadline for the art exhibition but decided to whip this up and send it anyway, Why if I have missed the deadline? Well it was more the opportunity to be creative and think on my feet. I did it, sent it and will probably never see it again.

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