February 11, 2007

Naughty boy!

My son who is quite the little charmer has gone into naughty mode. 
After tipping water all over his "Thomas the Tank" engine DVD boxset. I remained calm yet had to be firm and sent him to his room.... I cleaned up the mess and thought,  "I guess this was bound to happen" and hope to god he doesn't do that again. He's since been quite obediant and yes I am making it sound more dramatic then it was.... but the gist of all this is I constantly 'see' how a small child can manipulate and test and today he tested. He has been told to go his room which I asked him to clean up (he did a good job for a three year old), he's also been told that for not looking after and disrepecting his valued items they are going up in the cupboard for a week. So I write this mainly to hear my voice and 'check-in' with myself so that the punishement fits the crime. When your sleep deprived... as I have been you tend to know you can overreact in situations. In this instant I feel I have been fair.
On another note...we are slowly but surely becoming organised. We have set up our home office and both MD and I have been madly setting up the computer to suit us and I am enjoying creating and updating my blog. Our focus to organise our digital photo files and maintain our connection with the outside world has been fun. I'm wrapt to be able to be online at a whim. I'll keep you posted on my new venture as I launch Lillisparrow, for my range of silk designs. 

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