December 16, 2006

36 weeks and finishing up work.

Today is my last day at work and I really am pleased and feeling poor already! To add to my day MD couldn't look after Orion and so he had to accompany me to work! Much to my amusement. Thankfully Linda is very, very understanding about these situations as her children are in the showroom on a fairly regular basis. Anyway the day is almost complete and we have got through it fairly unscathed. At 36 weeks I feel great..although the baby is starting to feel cramped and really poking and prodding through the belly which just looks amazing. Something I don't remember so much with Orion. Was I taking notice of this phenonemen? I feel this baby is alot more active in the womb, he/she is another character all together. Our Xmas tree is up and so looking forward to Xmas day. Here's  a photo of my belly looking down. It didn't achieve the desired (of capturing how it protruded!)effect but with a camera phone it's still me anyway.

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