September 22, 2006


It's really feeling like it's all happening at the moment. It's like being in race and the build up is beginning for the final sprint home. At the moment I just feel I'm being pulled in all directions and I'm having to yell "stop"'s all my own doing. You see in the middle of all of this is me 'nesting' a tad early and something i have discussed before, but it's like I realise I am on borrowed time with earnings etc and I need to utilise my energy when I have it and time.
Taking up my energy at the moment is my car. Thankfully it has been fixed, unfortunately they discovered it's rear axle was bent, fortunatley they can fix it. Unfortunately my Car insurance company couldn't extend the hire of the car, so because we had so many commitments for over the weekend I decided we should extend the hire of the car, fortunatley we can pick up the car Monday afternoon and drop off the hire car. There was syncronicity after all. It's very boring this entry but it's like I have had to get my head around this very banal event myself. In the meantime we have on Sat a b'bque in the early evening, Sunday for me- yoga, a 1st yr old's b'day party then off to meet a girlfriend for the afternoon. On monday much running around with the first of X-mas presents being purchased, I have decided that I do not want to be battling the hoards in Chadstone or anywhere else for that matter when I am 8 months pregnant in December! So I choose to be organised. Plus then I may just feel like coming home putting my feet up.

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