September 30, 2006

25 weeks and counting!

I'm now 25 weeks pregnant and life seems to be flying past. I guess it's good to be busy. I'm now going to recap my week cause I want to see how much I remember!
Monday: Cleaned up the house (well what I felt like doing with the cleaning) no obligations in my household!! I completed a set of drawings for the design of a kitchen for a couple in Maffra. I then bundled my son into the car, dropped off overdue library books and borrowed 6 more for Orion. By the time we got to Chapel Street, Orion was asleep so I parked outside Klapp electronics and dropped off our VCR to be repaired, rang Matt who was about to finish work and who confirmed he was very hungry, so went and bought some delicious salad rolls from the Asian bakery on Carlisle Street plus some wicked chocolate donuts (and I wonder why I have gained so much weight during this pregnancy!!!), picked up Matt and then drove to Hertz to sadly drop off our lovely big rental car. Caught a Taxi with an awake Orion and saw our little car all fixed up and felt very pleased with the results. So my little family squished ourselves into my Daewoo Lanos and we chose to go via the showroom so I could fax and call my client, then off home where Matt cooked the most delicious Octopus for dinner.
Tuesday: Matt had a sickie from work. We all slept in and then prepared for a very big day, we were going to The Royal Melbourne Show. Whilst the boys were getting ready I ducked out to Chadstone to pick up the last set of 'Thomas the Tank Engine 60th anniversary Boxset of DVD's' for one of Orion's Christmas presents. Got home, bags and bottles of water packed we decided to drive to Flemington. We went via the supermarket for snacks and nappies for Orion who is still toilet training and off we headed. Closer we got to the venue, the traffic became more dense so we decided to park 20 minutes away from the grounds in a lovely leafy street and walk the rest of the way. It was an inspired idea. Not only did we save on parking, we had a car that would be nice and cool whilst it was a warm day! and the walk gave us a chance to really stretch our legs. The excitement of the show was seeing Orion's reaction to this huge festival with lots of people, movement colour, music lots to be distracted and stimulated by. He wanted to go on every ride, we allowed one! We wanted to look around more with the idea we would allow him going on more rides later but that never eventuated...typical kid he pointed at every ride and wanted to go on it. He thankfully didn't understand the concept of showbags so we didn't buy one. We ate well, the selection of food was very good so had slices of pizza which was very tasty, 'Gopals' vegetarian food and an icy pole for Orion. The boys snacked on beef jerky and seasame seed bars. We went to the animal patting area which was chock full of prams (including ours) and so decided to look and not line up in the hope not to see overwhelmed animals who had been non-stopped petted for the last 8 hours. (hopefully they rotate the animals) We were here on a tuesday I can only imagine what a Sat/Sun was like. After 3 hours and a last minute tantrum where Orion accidently gave MD a swift kick to the nether regions which almost dropped him. I wanted to the look at the Arts and Craft hall...not designed for a tired partner and 3 yr we went home (I was't upset..there seemed to be more doily and baking presentations then anything else) Orion was alseep by the time we got to the car. So by the time we got home, MD and I were able to relax whilst Orion caught up on sleep. Very nice.
Wednesday: Caught a tram to MD's work to pick up the car as he had chosen to drive to work after having left his bike there on Monday. Orion & I were on the tram which had come to a halt a lady boarded and Orion in the biggest voice, with finger pointing said "Look at that ugly lady, Mum!". I froze I couldn't believe it. I looked around and said "I don't see an ugly Lady" then in a more low key voice asked him to not voice his opinions so loudly, unbfortunately this only egged him on to keep repeating himself. Pointing out cars and trucks sidetracked him from this point of view. Once we had picked up the car from MD's work we drove to Ikea, got a trolley on the insistence of my son (was a good idea in the end) and went to have another look around. (we have been to Ikea 3 times in the last month!!) I also returned some items I had decided didn't suit. Of course picked up a couple of things I hadn't intended purchasing but they were small and under $2.00. Orion got to swipe his Kid's membership card and recieved a very cool hanging basket which he really liked. After our purchases we bought a hotdog each and Orion also had a soft serve ice-cream. (One thing I'm unable to have whilst pregnant due to listeria being rife in those soft serve icecream machines!!)...So he was fed and I felt organised we went home and potted around the house. Then had Playgroup which was a lovely afternoon, except for one child whom I am really fond of but who is going through a real "screeching stage" which is not likeable. He'll grow out of it, hopefully!
Thursday: Dropped Orion off early to 'Booba School' as he was going on his first excursion to the 'Aquarium'. To be honest I was a little nervous but I do trust his carers and they were very aware he can do a 'runner' which he and I had discussed and he promised he would listed to Sarah and Melissa. Apparently he was very good. MD picked him up that afternoon and decided we should have a B'bque, which he and Jody organised. So I worked all day and nothing eventful happened.
Friday: Woke up at 5am hungry!!!! After having a very early breakfast went back to bed and read then dozed and was woken up by Orion at 6:45am..I was so sluggish. It seemed to me to start the day off badly. I dropped off Orion at 10am was very late for work couldn't get a car park and walked into the showroom to an ammunition of questions asked in an accusing tone of.."What did you exactly say?". I snapped. I had had enough, which my boss didn't like, but we got it off our chests and the day moved on. It was a very productive day and it was brought up that I was being "precious that morning" I explained I was in a bad mood and forget about it. I wasn't going to apologise, I normally always do, but I felt I needed to be extra stubborn, It's easier to accuse someone of being "precious" then looking at your own behaviour, didn't feel like a 'he said she said' session. The afternoon went quickly and I went off and picked up Orion who was in a very cheeky mood. I had a hair appointment later theat evening that ended up with me having a half head of foils and cut, I felt terribly guilty through the whole should I do this? Is this causing harm? I reassured myself that I wasn't getting the whole bleach blonde look and stop fretting. The cut is clean and the colour's nice without it having terrible regrowth. I plan to go wilder next year with the hair, depending on wether it decides to all fallout. MD went out that night and I stared at very average television and decided bed...and crashed.
Saturday: I awoke to birds chirping at 5am and MD climbing into bed...he may not have been drunk but he certainly smelt of alcohol and the rest. Orion climbed into bed at what was probably 6:20am we all spooned each other before our 3 year old got very restless and so up for a big breakfast and now at work. I have quite abit to do today and hopefully the day will go quickly. It's the AFL Grandfinal in Melbourne and this is the first year I haven't really been able to watch it, working too on a Saturday has hampered any thought's on getting excited for celebrations even if our team isn't playing, I'm always interested. So will see how my day pans out and look forward to being at home curled up with my family and later a good book.

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