April 24, 2013

Change is in the wind...

The start of the renovation for this apartment int he Docklands began with the floors. The flooring is actually tiles.

So not only are the seasons changing so in a couple of weeks everything I've known is about to be tossed in the air and a new life in effect starting... It sounds dramatic however it is what I have been working towards from the beginning of the year and finally I had confirmation last Thursday, that a position I had applied for was mine.

I spoke about my want for change in an earlier post this year about requiring change, stability and consistency. I realized that although I craved a creative path in my career that it was too inconsistent and I was unable to achieve momentum with working as a freelance Interior Designer. The last 18 months have been particularly tough as I worked with setting up my small business. However it hasn't gained the ground I was wanting to achieve and in the process we have had to budget tightly as I await the next payment from a client. In between you find you end up working many more hours then you are able to charge for and this is just not rewarding in the scheme of things.

So I start my new job on the 1st of May. I am currently tying up loose ends with my three clients and the results are looking wonderful. I have found a very reliable builder, cabinetmaker and painter, so I effectively have a team of people that I can now rely on. On one of my jobs I passed the batten to my builder today after a lengthy meeting with my client, to project manage the final phase of the job and now at home I am feeling slightly emotional about the whole process. Yet there is relief as well. Because I still feel strongly that I am taking the steps in the 'right' direction' and it actually feels weirdly liberating as well. I guess that could also be underpinning my emotions as I realize and accept this new phase in my life.

Above is a photo of the said apartment that I have finalised the details with my builder and painter. The wall above is a hideous brown which took a bit of convincing yet the client finally conceded to have it painted over. I will update the with a post and photo's of a lighter and brighter colour scheme when it has been completed.

In the meantime I ticking lists and making headway into the next phase of my working journey. However I haven't given up on my creative path, more or less I feel like this is a new opportunity  giving me the space to grow, research and contemplate a new creative path and direction.

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