February 12, 2013

now for a lighter touch...

After writing my post about "Getting to know oneself", (the post I wanted to get off my chest), the one where you acknowledge it;s time for a big change. However as big change doesn't happen overnight, while I'm still applying for work and managing my current projects. I have time to write, blog and put into practice what I preach.

So a little show and tell. Firstly, whilst shopping for the Christmas presents last year. I had decided that I would include a couple of  'selfies', presents for me for under the tree. One such purchase was a 'fat quarter pack' from the delightful Corrie @ Retromummy. who originally inspired me with the ideas of 'selfies' for the Christmas shopping.

However is wasn't the premise of more presents for me that was the reasoning for my purchase of the fat quarter pack, it has been a long crafting interest in wanting to make a quilt.This is the start of using some of my free time to re: learn to sew on a machine, to create and create pieces that have long lasting use. In a long list of 'What I'd like to create', quilts top my list. So watch this space!


Ellieboo said...

Good luck with your change of direction and good luck with your quilt. I am embarking on my first quilt too and am really enjoying the process, and am already planning the next one in my head. I can see how they could become addictive.

Lovely fabrics too!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Good to see you on line again. Thanks for visiting!
I´ll be cheering for you along the way.
Enjoy creating with these lovely fabrics. :)