October 24, 2012

Day 24 - Blogtoberfest - An amazing journey.

Allegra, Jacqui & Ashika....
I wanted to introduce you to two every special people to me and their incredibly brave journey.

Meet Jacqui and Allegra pictured above with my niece Ashika. I wrote about Allegra's plight at the beginning of the year and now you can read about Allegra's journey through her mother's blog called
'Little Allegra'.

It's such an amazing heart wrenching experience that Jacqui has endured through watching her daughter Allegra bravely fight cancer after being diagnosed with Leukemia at the beginning of the year. We are soon to celebrate Allegra being in remission with a 'Wellness Party', I'm looking forward to the party and to celebrate a little life that has shown hope, courage, determination and gratitude for all that being alive should embrace. Please take time to read her story.

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Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Wow. I almost couldn't bear Allegra's story, it was that powerful.
I've often thought that mamas like Jacqui should be the recipients of Australian of the Year, rather than people who can swim or run fast or hit a bloody bricket ball. People like Jacqui are our unsung heroes.
Thank you for sharing.