July 16, 2012

New experiences...

Appetiser at 'Mizu'

So I was sitting in a little Japanese restaurant on Greville Street at the end of last week. For those not familiar with Melbourne's streets, this is for me, one of the more interesting and eclectic little side streets in the Prahran area off Chapel street. Dotted with lots of funky clothing boutiques, eateries, home wares and art galleries. Plus one of my favourite stores is mag nation which is home to a fantastic selection of magazines and designer gift ware.

I indulged and bought a couple of Interior Magazines and Frankie, although not aimed at my demographic I appreciate it's honesty in writing and design aesthetic amongst other aspects of this magazine. Basically I gave myself a morning off from family commitments, to take time to do something for myself after a week with my partner home, literally ".. A bear with a tooth ache!" after having a wisdom tooth pulled and children who had started to really push my buttons, the weather hasn't helped either.

The holidays have generally been very relaxed with lots of play dates, park action when weather permitted and loads of movies at home. However through sheer frustration my five year old daughter decided to trash her room to the point you could hardly open the door. This was where I found I didn't get upset rather I decided the morning after as I looked despairingly into her room that I was not going to be that 'someone' who would clean it up, I asked her patiently if she could clean it up, so that when I got back home to take her out with her brothers it was tidy and she was ready to go. (It worked, she proudly showed me her room when I returned and told me "Mum I have cleaned up" and there were lovely little piles of folded clothes on her bed as well)...bless.

Unfortunately for us we don't have either set of grandparents living in the same city and with other family members working, one can only visit Scienceworks, the museum and go to the movies to appreciate that it becomes unstimulated to do this over and over. ( I did endure Ice Age 4 and hoping that's where the franchise ends!!

We have for the past winter holidays been interstate, however these holidays have seen the necessity of me working to keep up the momentum with my clients and for my partner who is studying part-time and attending classes over the holiday break. It's just going to be one of those years whilst in order to make the changes in our lives that we crave, we have to endure these periods of being routine and sticking to our commitments. It is hard work and I have felt like giving up many many times. So 'time out', as obvious as that is, is what was definitely required, to refresh and be inspired and observe...

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