January 08, 2012

Tinged with sadness..

My son and his friend holding hands @ RCH in Dec 2011.

I was going to write I am feeling 'meh', however feeling 'tinged with sadness'... is more apt - not for any other self indulgent reason other then the news that has rocked a small group of friends world. You see last week a friend received the news no parent ever wants to hear.. "...your child's results show she has stage 4 Neuroblastoma..." **an update she has been diagnosed officially with Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia M7, this means a definite treatment plan can commence. It doesn't mean a better prognosis.

My friends daughter is only 20 months old.

She has been in and out of hospital from the age of 18 months old.

At first she was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis and all her results fitted within that diagnosis, however with her diminishing recovery and blood cell counts that weren't improving, numerous tests were done. I am generalising as to the ordeal this little girl has been through, the amount of surgery already. The many CAT scans and MRI scans. To have a final diagnosis of this magnitude is just horrendous. They are still researching as to the location of her cancer development and then she'll start her rounds of chemotherapy, most likely this week.

She is 20 months old.

It seems extremely unfair.

I am finding it hard even in my own sadness to comprehend the reality of this diagnosis and what it means for my friend, her partner and their daughter.

I remembered a post a friend of mine wrote on her blog about a similar topic,  I read Nicole's words and nodded along and now I am processing a similar situation, so I have linked to her post - A small drop of Ink: Making a deal with cancer. (Thank you, Nicole)

So please forgive me if I don't feel so enthusiastic to be in a happy shiny place... for the moment I just want to hold my beautiful children, partner and friends to hug a little longer...

Promise me you'll hug yours a little longer today too...xox


Nicole said...

Cancer is a bitch..I'm sorry about your friend. I will have everything crossed for her. My friend's son is now tumour free - but the after-effects of chemo have been difficult, mainly he has almost no immunity so gets sick all the time. And every time he gets sick , he has a seizure :(

Lilli boo said...

Hey Nic, yep the repercussions are huge on such a little body. Let alone the long term effects. It's the serious nature of this particular diagnosis that has everyone reeling. Fingers toes are crossed as basic as it sound, everything is required under these circumstances! x