November 04, 2011

a quest...

Meg's Place - advised on colours for this one bedroom apartment.

I must confess I have been slack with my blog this year, however after our last holiday break and feeling more settle , I am hoping to blog more regularly. I have currently been assessing my current life flow, which consists of the juggle of balancing act with three children,  running our household and trying to ensure I can also work This process started six months ago and as I progress it has been an exercise in self discovery of epic proportions espcially when you add in the factors of sickness through childcare & random bugs, exhaustion & the inconsistency of workflow all which has been very, very challenging

So in my quest to find work, I had a professional resume writer re-do my 'Curriculum Vitae' or now known officially as 'Resume', CV's are out and who new?, I applied through a several agencies with my new 'look at me aren't I fab resume' and was snapped up for an interview. How exciting I thought "I'm on a roll",  as I juggled my first born to school, negotiated babysitting for my 4 year old and baby with my sister.
"I'm on fire!", as I wrangled my sister's wardrobe for the perfect outfit and footwear.

So armed with portfolio and fab resume I set off for an interview. In a nut shell it went well, in fact I felt the "world loves me again" and then nothing, no phone calls, an email with a couple of job profile suggestions that were more suitable to a person who had NO responsibilites other then getting themselves to work and therein lay my problem. You see what I reflected on after feeling 'cockier then tho' about being interviewed was that how tired I was after organising that day, let alone that I wouldn't have my sister babysitting everyday or her wardrobe available to raid when I was getting ready for work.

Yet somehow it is coming together. It was like the universe read my mind and decided on some action and within the week of receiving the 'dud' email from the employment agency, I had the offer of working on contract, one day a week with my old job, which suits for the immediate time. Plus freelance work through an old colleague who just happened to have some extra work requiring my skills. However I am aiming to be completely self sufficient so I don't have to work one day a week elsewhere.

I also discovered that even if I haven't kept up with certain skills for my line of work, I am still valued for my experience and those *said* skills can be acquired through training and educational courses. For once I am not phased by the slow process of getting this altogether. As each stage develops we adjust accordingly to our new routines and I am finding that this is becoming easier. Now all we need to do is find a regular babysitter so I we can have the balance of family::work::social life and I'll be one very happy Mumma.

So my quest for works continues and  I'm will write more on this subject as I meet with my first client next week who found me through a small advertising campaign I have signed up, more later....

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