May 27, 2010

Well actually...

So what's been happening in my world...well I've discussed briefly the early stages of juggling three children in my previous post, just a snapshot as I could write lines and lines of all that goes on into getting my day organised now. But I won't, a snap shot is fine.

I do confess that there are some days that are not as easy as other's. However we do have a terrific Maternal Health Nurse who at Sebastian's 8 week check-up today gave me some terrific leads as  to how to handle the children's stages of development coupled with coping with a new baby in the family. So with enquiring mind I headed off to our local library (across the road from our Maternal health & Baby clinic) and tracked down a favourite 'child author' Steve Biddulph. I feel armed with the knowledge I may be able to find more strategies for creating some calm and peace within my family unit. A starting point along with some natural parenting instinct!

I have also taken on another challenge. I was approached by a friend who has recommended me to her client as an Interior Design consultant. Gosh, do I take it on? So I have made an appointment with the client and maybe I might have my first freelance job for this year, if she likes my portfolio and agrees to my fees. I also find when selecting to work with someone you do need to be able to 'click' with them. A good relationship with your client is just as important as the design itself, like the 'form follows function' rule. I believe a good client/designer relationship brings out the best outcomes. If that can be established I love the idea of doing some design work.

 This photo is a detail shot of where the cabinetwork meets the ceiling and 
how it's finished with the cornice.

This photo is of a Georgian inspired Kitchen (WIP). The final finishes to the doors 
and panels were hand painted, as seen in this picture.

One of my approaches as a designer is going back to basics. I actually hand draw my work. If need be it can be converted to CAD (computer aided design). Yet in the last four years I have been mainly hand drawing and client's love it! ( In fact longer, as the previous design practice I worked for we either were hand drawing or used CAD) The feedback I have received is so positive. Especially as some of the work I have been designing in recent years has been influenced in the style of French Provincial, Georgian & Victorian periods. Most of my clients in the last four years have either owned homes that are of a particular historical period and prefer to reference those eras or they are building from scratch and prefer the 'Period' look, mostly French provincial.

So this is a snapshot of work I have done in the past. This particular job was from three years ago. I'll gradually post more of my design work (It's quite eclectic with both Modern and Period work). I have the time to do it now (believe it or not) and the motivation! As it also gives me the chance to finally go through my digital photos of my work and update my portfolio.


Ellieboo said...

would love to see more of your design work - really interesting! Good luck with the kid juggling - I still struggle and I only have the one

Craig D. Ising Esq said...

I'm more interested in your ability to juggle three children.

Throw a chainsaw into the mix and you may have yourself a show you can take on the road!


Luv ya, Lil.


Lilli boo said...

Thanks Ellieboo, more design work will follow..As for you Craig D Ising Esq..I'm always working on my next show :-)..Today screaming at kids on the front doorstep so all my neighbours could judge my effectiveness as a mother!!! So proud of my work...