May 22, 2010

stop.start.stop.start...........start again!

I have so many draft posts, that I have started and not posted. Some with snazzy titles (I think!)...that just haven't seen the light of day... There has been alot of adjusting with baby number three for all of us! Learning to have my attention divided between three children, managing sleep deprivation, the demands of a child that is feeding every 2-3 hours even through the night, sometimes colicky hours of crying and unsettledness, a house that sometimes looks like a bomb has hit it, the list goes on endlessly.

Yet I wouldn't change it for anything. Well, maybe some more sleep but that will come.

We have managed so much in the last 7 weeks in terms of spending time together, baking, cooking up a storm and simple creativity. Creating cards, drawing and loads of colouring in. My eldest son has been inspired during this semester by his class Science topic - lots of discussions, reading and drawings centred around this theme which have been delightful.

My three year old has started to draw know the ones with their arms and legs coming out of a potato shaped head, it's an exciting milestone to see their development from drawing lines to early figures...

Our baby is coming along in leaps and bounds... he's responding to cooing, guttural sounds, early laughter and taking in the world around him. It's so wonderful to take all this in and recognise each stage and relish those moments...

In the meantime I have chosen to be inspired myself, a new beginning for me on many levels, but creatively except with design work I have become quite unmotivated over the years. So to help get me back on track I have signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts ecourse, if for nothing else a starting point for motivation, inspiration and continual self development. An absolute must for me whilst I'm not working and wanting some balance with family life.

I will add photos to this post on Sunday, I just wanted to update my blog as this post has also been written several times over!


Ellieboo said...

Wow that course looks fantastic - love to hear what you think of it as you go through. Enjoy the little bit of time for you

Leni and Rose said...

Same over here, so many drafts! Life sounds busy busy over there and wonderful at the same time!

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

congratulations! I am popping over from the Flying Lessons e-course; looking forward to gaining new insight with you. -Robin

Craig D. Ising Esq said...

Ah, Lili Boo, you are such a doofus!

It's a BLOG! Post now and we'll judge later. ;)

All good stuff. It's great knowing that some of the good guys are growing such wonderful families.

Big hugs,

Dana Barbieri said...

Hi Lili! Stopping in from Flying Lessons. You do sound super busy. So that is what it must be like with three little ones. I have two myself so I can imagine. Looking forward to getting to know you more.