April 09, 2010

One Year ago!...

I went on a solo trip to celebrate a girlfriend's 40th...

I flew to Canberra, spent a couple of hours with my family then as I was borrowing my Mum's car (I felt so Uni student doing this..bloody fun!)...I took the next step on my solo journey which was a road trip to a destination I had only visited a couple of times, 20 years ago! It was exhilarating... In my haste with the packing I only had the one tape on me... Yes read it clearly tape! which was the Baby Animals...one of my favourite Aussie bands from the early nineties!... I loved the fact as I wound down the mountainside heading for the South Coast that I still knew all the words and could sing as loudly and embarrassingly as I wanted to...no shame, absolutely no shame!

Initially I had hesitated in coming to the party, it was over the Easter break and meant I would miss sharing this with my kids and then there was the enormous travel time, flying then driving for one night stay! Seemed really crazy at the time..But I needed crazy..My Grandmother had passed away the day before and there in this was timely for some time alone, reflection and solace and celebrating!

It was an eventful journey travelling through towns that have been significant to my family..such as Mittagong...to just appreciating beautiful Country towns such as Berry..so picturesque...to my eventual destination Foxground. However in the process taking a wrong turn and realising I was heading in the wrong direction half an hour later, the tears came as I called my friend to say I was almost there but had taken the wrong turn (I had been driving for 3 hours by this stage!)..the tears, like waterworks bursting as I realise how much emotion I had been holding onto, a wrong turn that ended up being the right thing to do to release the pressure cooker inside, so by the time I turned up at the farm I was seeing the humour and having a laugh about the journey I had been on... Foxground is quiet surreal and wonderful place to be...especially at that very moment!

...and during this journey I never believed for one second that two months later I would fall pregnant, as a third baby although longed for, was something at this time more of a whim then a actual decision...although a decision we decided to take as we celebrated our 15th anniversary, was that we both desired a third child!

So there you have it, a year later a long journey that could be documented so more thoroughly in detail, yet I neither have the energy or the desire to fill in the gaps at this stage.

A birth story could be pending as it was so beautiful, such a wonderfully orchestrated birth, that maybe I just allow the pictures to signify the event...a beautiful healthy bouncing boy and a mother who is forever grateful for being able to experience this journey with the perfect outcome... A journey began a year ago in earnest and with so much emotion, and a new path has been started a new journey begun!

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one little acorn said...

Congratulations. I have just read your news. Such sweet pictures of little Sebastian and his family adoring him.
Best wishes to you all.