March 11, 2010

practical solutions....

Sourcing is the name of the game and surprisingly I found it in Freedom! This is the Buco Round Basket which comes in various shapes and sizes. Now I am not being an advocate of all things Freedom but I do love these baskets as a storage solution. I am forever looking at practical & aesthetically pleasing options for storage just to help the keep the mess in my chaotic household at bay! These baskets have been a wonderful solution.

So I bought two, one for our hat collection that resides by our front door and the other for my daughter's dolls. Both which needed a place and not being transferred between the baby change table, floor, cot, son's bed (much to his dismay) and couch! The dolls especially required a spot to be stored away after play. Wish I had thought of it 6 months ago! Pleased I have found a happy resolution and it hasn't involved a plastic tub or melamine!

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one little acorn said...

Like you, I love good storage solutions, especially ones that look so nice! I'm having a bit of a love reunion with Ikea at the moment!
Thanks for your comment on my blog post about Renee.