February 21, 2010

touching base @ 36 weeks...

I have about 4 weeks to go, continuous rounds of swollen ankles, that thankfully go down & then swell up with this awful humidity we are experiencing in Melbourne. (like today!!) I'm moving more awkwardly but wanting to move gracefully. Still going for walks/strolls and fitting in a swim at least once a week whilst the children have their swimming lessons.

I had been experiencing bouts of anxiety in regards to birthing which I admitted to my Obstetrician. He noted that this is natural when a woman has been through the birthing process before. So to keep me focused he gave me sound advice about visualising the outcome and made suggestions of how I can think positively through the birthing process and reminding me of my options. I felt was sound advice (although I feel I am making him sound wishy-washy here) I however found his advice helpful.

I have since too in opening up to friends recived some wonderful options. One girlfriend who is expecting around the same time as me gave me a couple of pages of affirmations which read like this...

"My mind is relaxed, my body is relaxed and my birthing muscles work in complete harmony to make my birthing easier"..

This may not be your cup of tea, but it's a nicer thought..then it's going to be excruciating pain!!

I have also spoken to some new mums at my playgroup who had recently given birth and were so positive! All pf this feedback has helped in making me feel comfortable with the whole process and going through the birthing process again.

I had been reading some negative birth stories through websites such as mamamia and been wondering why I am reading them at all! For the record I really enjoy reading mamamia and this isn't a negative perspective on a very well written and informative website zine, it was this particular forum on birthing see:link that got me thinking! I like to hear/read all perspectives and have been recommended a book which I am picking up this week called Birth Skills
which I believe has been very constructive advice... Any constructive advice for positive birthing is welcome too!!!

So on that note...swollen ankles & all..I must get my children to bed so I can put my feet up.....

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Leni and Rose said...

4 weeks to go - it'll fly by. I was also anxious about the whole birthing experience my second time around, but found it was not half as terrible as I had built it up to be. Sounds silly, but staying as calm as I could really helped me. Oh, good luck!!!!