January 23, 2010


I have been meaning to post since announcing we are back, however have had quite a few distractions...namely appointments with my Obstetrician, next round of tests standard procedure stuff and keeping kids who are wanting to be entertained...kept, well mildly entertained... I'm not big on the continuous play date over the Christmas holidays, only because it's nice to have a break from all things that become routine during the year...however time spent with friends is very important and so with the hypocrisy of my last sentence in mind, I have endeavoured to do just that and catch up!

I have also taken the time to download countless photo's - the good the bad and the ugly, in between all of this I have also have to admit I just haven't had the want to sit in front of the computer. Not for lack of inspiration more of I don't know where to start. I'm constantly writing in *my head space* but am yet to put pen to paper..I have also been *nesting* heavily with a big overhaul of the house about to happen with rearranging spaces so it works to accommodate the newest arrival at the end of March!

There has been one drag to blogging and one I didn't want to bring attention to, but with another *weird* comment I am now asking, pleading to the person who insistently is spamming my blog with very odd comments in my comment box, PLEASE REFRAIN! I have deleted all your comments and will continue to do so. I have googled your so-called blog name, reported you to Blogger for spamming - each time you do it and will continue to do this, I will persist in reporting you.

Is it you coming back in a different guise each time??? I don't know what the point of your comments are, if you are being sincere and your English isn't that good I apologise if this offends you but the inane aspect of these comments suggests likewise. My request to this person/s is PLEASE start the year off well and refrain from commenting unless it is directed to the post or feedback, so that I can understand what you are trying to say. It would be alot more constructive and less confusing as to what your messages or point of view is.

So on a more positive note...I will be blogging more regularly, holidays snaps sorted, 2010 inspiration board started and lots of exciting developments unfolding throughout the year, which I will endeavour to talk about as they truly unfold (instead of the "this is gonna happen.." and it never does approach I usually take)..

So on that note I look forward to more writing, creating, sharing and reading the genuine feedback...

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one little acorn said...

I often have things running around in my head to blog about and then don't get to it. I too have plans on blogging more during 2010 and look forward to dropping in and saying hi... in a good, non crazy type of comment way of course!
Have a lovely day.