November 19, 2009

What's Hot & What's Not....

My daughter's painting..added for a little bit of colour!!

It's like ground hog day at the moment..but then the experiences aren't the same from week to week..which is a good thing!

Playing What's Hot + What's Not really for Yesterday...(posted late..due to actually forgeting to publish this post before I went away!!)

What's Hot

This weather!...and liking it...and coping...

Looking forward to flying to Canberra for the weekend for my sister's b'day. A chance to not only hang out with family but also catch up with very neglected friends with whom I have had very long standing relationships but my contact these days is minimal...abit poor form really...Oh well I'll make up for it this weekend, seeing them will be hot!!!

Taking my two year old daughter who is very excited to be flying in a 'Baby aeroplane'...her brother really wanted to come (as you can imagine) and keeps asking me why he isn't coming?...besides the usual "Your keeping Daddy company..." etc I also explained he's flown 14 times whilst his sister has only flown twice...he liked that explanation the best and that seemed to be the clincher that allowed us to go without much fuss...Phew!

Finishing my latest book "The Girl who kicked the Hornet's nest" and thoroughly loving a very satisfying ending...written by Steig Larsson it's from the Millenium series and excellent crime fiction, a genre I have always enjoyed..although has to be balanced with other genre's too!

Watching my children's confidence grow in the water as they progress with their swimming lessons..for my son who wouldn't put his head under water two months ago to now learning the 'Austrlian crawl' is fantastic. For my daughter who wasn't keen on jumping off the side of the pool, now flings herself off with delight!...Now all I have to worry about is they are 'over confident' and watch them like a hawk when they are at the pool!

Four more weeks of work then holidays...and yes I am going to do this weekly countdown ;-)..a week ago I didn't think I would make it, a misunderstanding at work had me fired up (in that I'm pregnant don't mess with me kinda way!) and I thought.."I can't do this!!"...But I can...breathe...communicate...move on...Ahh that's better...

Purchasing the most awesome necklace for my sister's bday present and so happy with it that I can't wait to give it too her...secretly I want it (which is a very good sign in my books) and she doesn't read my blog so she'll never know until I give it to her..

What's Not

That feeling of the end of year 'anxiety' where there seems to be so mucjh to do and so little time to do it...AGAIN...must still...meditate...Anything!!


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