October 05, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 5: Back @ school & more...

Yay, First day back at school, after a very long two week break has been like a mini-holiday in itself!

After drop off, I took my daughter for her first swimming lesson, afterwards we played in the toddler pool.

I also had an ultrasound later in the afternoon and found out the sex of our baby. It was a wonderful experience for my daughter who when asked about the baby on the ultrsound screen told us he "Looked like a Pirate"...Anything that has a skull, she calles "A Pirate", a new nickname has been given to baby number three.

We really feel it's important for the children (who were both surprises!) to know the sex so we can discuss names and talk about the pending arrival of their baby brother. A very entertaining and lively family discussion ensued around the dining table that night discussing the finer points of selecting a name...

So a lovely start to the final term of the year!

and another little surprise. My work colleague rang me yesterday and told me we have been published in 'Home Beautiful'...I now have to scour the newsagents and will post photo's of which article we are attached too when I find the magazine!

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