March 15, 2009

Eye favourite colour.

One of my favourite colours is pink! I have pink rules though, not too garish, not too candy and not too dusty pink. I love true pinks straight from nature such as the flowers above given to me by my mother when I had my daughter... I love hot pinks, pale pinks, soft pinks, delicate pinks, think Cath Kidston...although I don't own any of her wares and really don't strongly desire them either just appreciate them, if that makes sense.

I wear pink unashamedly, I dress my daughter in lots of pink but also many strong colours too, I love primary colours on kids and a dash of colour on me! I also love reds too and as they are in the same family as pink, this really appeals too...

Thank you to Cindy for the meme and Amityville Boronia for this weeks theme.

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