February 11, 2009

Sometimes words are not enough...

Image taken on mobile phone on Saturday 7th Feb, 2009 of sky-written message in the sky read 'Stay Cool Lipton Ice' this was as the temp was rising fast to 46.4

I have been meaning to post for a while, good intentions and a great many distractions...However in the wake of the current Bushfire disaster which has been happening in my home state since Saturday 7th February, I haven't really felt compelled to update my blog on seemingly trivial matters...for the moment I have been keeping myself updated with the relevant news regarding this horrific disaster..

I am also applauding the efforts of so many bloggers who are supporting the Bush Fire appeals:

Meet me at Mikes

Bug and Pop

Handmade Help

and of course by donating money or registering for blood donation at the
Australia Red Cross - Victorian Bushfire appeal.

I have registered for donating blood and am sorting through clothes, books and toys...I will certainly be giving away furniture when required and hoping that my little efforts will help in the steps for a very long recovery....

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