February 28, 2009

Just a minute in February...

I have been forgetting to play along with August Street's wonderful meme and so belatedly kick off the new year with..."What I have been doing in February"...

Planning: NEW BUSINESS cards, my very talented girlfriend and graphic designer has been pow wowing with me over a new design (she of said talent designed my first business cards over 6 years ago!), but it's time for a new look and direction and considering half the information has changed from my old cards I wanted to start afresh..I shall reveal my card later...all I can tease with is- "Chocolate brown and fuscia!"

Op shopping: I haven't seriously Op shopped in years! and only occaisionally drop in when the mood strikes..however I did last week and picked up a very cute mug for 50 cents (my type of price)..it's a ceramic mug red with white polka dots and from the Rhubarb collection..considering my partner broke my favourite red and white mug from the Nicola Cerini collection, this one is a good substitute for the moment... (Above a picture of the mug that was broken!!)

Watching: Okay I'm not one for analysing my TV watching addictions as they come and go..but in a nutshell..current shows that are sucking me in and keeping me eyeballing the TV are- "Desperate Housewives", "Brothers and Sisters" and when I can't be bothered moving from the couch "Boston Legal" (even when the other half comes home from his course and groans that I'm watching this!!!!) hasn't stopped me yet BUDDY!!

Other shows receiving my attention and not on regular daytime TV are "The Wire", "Entourage" and soon to be uninteruppted veiwing of "Dexter" no ad's, no hype....

Interior Design magazines, "Habitus", "Vogue Living", "Inside Out", "World of Interiors", "Objekt" and sometimes "Real Living"...and a few more obscure European mags I can't remember the names of floating around on my desk...I have also been indulging in loads of crime novels by Robert Crais and as we head into March..Alain Botton's "Consolation of Philosphy" has come to my attention again!

Indulging: Not in much, have signed an agreement to keep up regular exercise and eating plan with my gym....so far..not much change in the body, was doing really well with the eating until I have a lapse in concentration..Ahh but I'm not doing to lose loads of kilo's it's more for the discipline of actually getting regular exercise so I feel better about myself, have more energy and keep focused..and that is working to a point ;-)

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