February 17, 2009

6/6 - An open invitation.

I was invited by Megan from The Byron Life, to play along with the the 6/6 game...Where you chose the 6th photo in your 6th folder and write about it!

This photo was taken of Cleo when she was approximately 5-6 months old....I had just breast fed her and she has fallen asleep on my chest... I love the fact she looks still so cherubic with her puffy cheeks and hands. We must have just moved her from her bassinet as you can spy a corner of the painted basket weave behind us...this bassinet is 71 years old and was bought for my Auntie Susi, consequently this bassinet has a rich history with having had three generations of my family sleep in it, from my mother and her sister, their children including myself and my 3 sisters and of course my children. It has been lent out to many mothers in the community where my Grandparents lived and for now it's still in our lounge in a different position awaiting for my 2nd sister who will be giving birth later this year.

You can also see a glimpse of a fitball (ha ha ha) wasn't used much that year... have kind moved away from the fitball fad but now I'm back exercising regularly, I find I jump on it very occasionally. Unfortunately to entertain the idea of using it is usually met with a united front from my children who delight in wanting to bounce on me and the ball. Oh well, could be good for the abs?????

The seat which is behind the fit ball is an old Church pew, which my grandparents bought in an auction when they were first married in 1935... Buying at an auction always sounded so glamorous to me... and for some articles (high brow art and antiques or a house!) it could still be fun....

The Window you see is a glimpse out of the front of our house facing the street, we have a big tree fern planted right in front of the window which gives the feel of a very lush garden. In fact besides the funny overgrown hedge, our garden is the most amazingly awkward garden I have seen, a very strange mixture of plants. Certainly the original owners weren't green thumbed or had any sense of landscaping but the higgly-piggidly nature of the garden could be a post unto itself... but I digress...

Finally, for posterity's sake that is me in my pyjama's (a Mama's right!) I think it must be mid-morning and I'm not sure where my son is... I like the fact I'm in my Pj's...I'm not sure about my recessive chin! As I get older that chin of mine seems to receding too!..but that's personal whinge and shallow too...

Still I love this photo... a quiet reflective moment... How I treasure those moments when baby can lie on your chest and sleep soundly...

Thank you for inviting me to share Megan, I love this game too and agree with Megan we should play these one-off games more often! You really do discover some gems.

So I tag the following peoples Jacinta, Melanie, Cato, Jeanni, Jade and Shalini.

Please play along regardless and let me know if you do!!


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

A really lovely photo and story behind it. Thanks for thinking of me, I'll try to do that this week!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

What a sweety!
Loved the story of the bassinet - how wonderful it is to share in all of that history of mothering... there's something very comforting about that continuum (wonder if the babes pick up on that too?)
We did the same - shared a crib that every baby in my partner's family has slept in - didn't go back 71 yrs though!
So glad you played the photo game.

one little acorn said...

Ooopsie. I've just caught up with this... I will get onto it next week. Love your pic and post.