October 15, 2008

On my desk.....

This week, I was very happy to receive my copy of the "Sew Hip" magazine, with the big kid at Kindy and small child asleep I have some reading time....Yay..

Also in the mail another magazine subscription gifted to me is "Vogue Living" at the very least every edition has one gem to keep me Inspired...it's all research and inspiration...My word for this week!

Finally, as my very contrived photo above shows...my first attempt at making a softie with a Miss Buttons kit from A Sew Your Own Doll as designed by Angela...This doll is destined for my daughter as a preferred soft doll to cuddle as opposed to the hard plastic ones she had been given thus far!

For more "On my desk.." visit this lovely lady's blog..Kootoyoo


cindy said...

OOh that sew hip mag looks interesting, I will have to try and track it down. Hopefully my 2 will be as accomidating as your to let me have 5 minutes to read and relax.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Both magazines look like a good read. There's something so refreshing about a bit of time alone to read through a good magazine.

Have fun with the doll kit. Her kits are so cute, I'm going to have to get one myself one day.