October 22, 2008

Joanne Schloss exhibition

Last night I went to an exhibition in Richmond at Pivotal Galleries, it was one of those happy coincidences where a friend of mine actually works at this gallery and sent an invitation and another girlfriend emailed me inviting me along to ..."see her friend's work"...same gallery, same artist I had to go. I also coincidentally had read a review in 'The Age' (not online) and had thought at the time "I'd like to visit that.." as the artist's work had really caught my eye.

The artist is Joanne Schloss, whom I had met through *said* friend and not only was I delighted to be reacquainted with her I also really loved her work!

So after much thought and reflection (I didn't purchase on the night!) I had fallen in love with one particular piece and the following day I rang the Gallery! The picture below is the painting I purchased called "Over exposed" and for me it evokes so many things.

So I encourage you to do the same, to visit this very charming exhibition, the details can be found through the links to Pivotal Galleries and Joanne Schloss.

"Thank you", Joanne, I love it!


spiffo said...

You all rock! All of you!

shalini akhil said...

ooh how exciting! this is one of my favourite pieces too. well done!