August 03, 2008

This is...

This weeks theme is.... "This is my trade secret"

Now it's no secret as to what my profession is, I work as an Interior Designer.

I love it.

I chose this profession at aged 15, when Our Careers Adviser asked us to select subjects related to the subjects we would like to study at University. I was tossing up between Veterinary science and Interior design (probably as alot of young girls do!)

I certainly realise I was going towards a field where I my heart truly lay.

There's plenty advice out there as to courses whether short, Tafe or University degrees. I chose to do a degree but it doesn't actually mean it makes you a better Interior Designer. I have worked with many people who don't have a qualification at all but do possess amazing flair, creativity, drive and determination to succeed.

My Advice and "Trade Secret"... is really no secret but more common sense and generally what alot of industry specific books and careers advisers will suggest to you regardless. If you want to succeed in this field you may want to follow a couple of these tips:

1. Work Experience &/or Volunteer - My very first Interior Design job came about because I applied for a job which was filled by another person who had greater skill and knowledge HOWEVER I volunteered to work at their office for FREE...yes for FREE in exchange for gaining some much needed experience. It worked within 3 months I had a full-time position at the company and was given a bonus for the time I worked there for free.

Note: Design jobs were hard to come by int he early 90's and after I had finished my degree and during the recession we had to have..(Thanks Paul Keating). I was living at home with my parents and worked part-time at a Retail store so had many others supporting me in my efforts to obtain my dream of working in my field.

2. - Read, Research and Visit - There are an amazing array of sources out there for accessing information on any topic in this field. Periodicals/magazines, books either from the Library or bought, blogs-so many (see my side bar for links currently underneath my posts!).

Go to the Industry specific exhibitions such as Designex, Furnitex and Design & Decoration, Saturday in Design...this weekend in Melbourne...

and finally..

3. Be True to yourself..... When learning and researching about design work with styles that you naturally feel aligned too. Don't be afraid just because they aren't fashionable at the moment... it's all about pursuing your dream of creating what you feel is beautiful and works within a space (simplistic notion but true).

I was trained in an era of Contemporary Modern Minimalism (late 80's early 90's) but realise now that there are very many other styles that I have a real leaning towards, I however don't align myself to one style as I feel you are then limiting yourself with the type of clients projects you deal with and therefore pigeonholing yourself to the point that there won't be that diversity in your projects to keep it interesting. Trust me, I have spent years working on one particular style and and as always the same finishes kept being requested and there starts to feel like a real lack of creativity...let's just say I do not want to see Black granite benchtops and Beech veneer cupboards for a while in cabinetry finishes!!!

So as broad as the topic I have chosen can be...I am always happy to help with any enquiries you may have.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Lots of great advice there. I'm going to have to send this post to my sister who is very interested in getting into interior design.

Randell said...

Wow…!! It's a perfect home, love the interiors.

Moiface said...

Great advice!

CurlyPops said...

Great advice...I would have loved to be an interior designer but I didn't follow my heart at uni...

one little acorn said...

Great post - I really do envy people who find their 'calling' early. I'm still looking. You share some good advice that can be carried across all areas so it was an interesting read.