August 08, 2008

Just a minute in... August.

If my head was screwed on I'd be dangerous!

Ever have a day, a week a month like feeling like that is the case....
For me nothing significant but just loads of silly things happening all at once,
nothing I can't laugh at.

Anyway gorgeous weather for the last couple of days..Spring is certainly teasing us and it's exciting to feel the warmth of the sun on your face and not get burnt!

Loads of exciting things happening in our household.
So to lighten the mood, I thought I'd participate in the meme,

"Just a minute in....." bought to you by August Street: Just a minute.

Reading: Several books on my bedside table. The first book I have started is for my bookclub, which has successfully been going for a year now! The nominated book is Jean de Florette by Marcel Pagnol....
As I have only just started to read it I will type a small blurb as from the back of the book. Just to also explain the book comes as to parts and there is a sequel called Manon des Sources.

" a french literary masterpeice. A two-part epic which spans three generations.."

There are also the accompanying movies, which I have ordered the DVD off which I am very excited about as I have been wanting to own a copy of these movies and of course was inspired when this book was suggested for bookclub.

I'll be giving a better review once I have completed the two novels...well worth reading the books and seeing the movies though...

The other book I am reading is called "before your kids drive you crazy read this!" by Nigel Latte, kindly lent to me by Whirlygirl, it is a hilarious and very well written book about positive interacting with your child. What I like about it is the author's 'no hold's barred' approach in his assessment of kids and the many situations we as parents encounter with them but it's his unique yet very much 'common sense' approach that I like..and my girlfriend swears by it! I'm telling you I like what I'm reading so far......

Watching: Not much at the moment, we have all of the Series One of "Dexter" on CD so when my partner takes off to Europe I feel I'll be catching up on more DVD's and TV in general. My son somehow knocked over our huge TV (not plasma Thank god) and we were without a TV for several weeks which caused quite a revolution in our little family..and we are all out of the habit of watching the box these days...I'm sure that will change as we did acquire another TV through my sister. Oh but have discovered "First Tuesday Book club" on ABC with Jennifer Byrne loving it! (aren't her and Andrew Denton a clever couple!) Oh ! and no doubt watching the Olympics too..however as much as I am opposed to all the Political overtones with the host country..(and that is as political as I will become on this issue for today!)

To paint... Starting with the my son's Toy box and my Blanket warming up outside we will be able to take said pieces and make that an activity we can enjoy together....

Well saw a band last weekend (My partner's) but it's a bit naff to advertise who they are so lets just say I enjoyed them but my girlfriend who hadn't seen the band play before didn't enjoy the music...too heavy for her tastes!

I'm having an eclectic revival in my listening tastes as I'm loving listening to "The Beatles" and watch my kids dig them, "Beck", "Amy Whinehouse" and interestingly "Led Zeppelin", wanting to purchase some "Claire Bowditch" this month...very much a mixed bag of musical styles.

Eating: Amazing casseroles, slow cooked in the oven with tender meat and vegetables, crusty Casalinga bread hot from the bakery with butter and a cup of tea! Soon to be indulging in Fish'n'chips with my kids and Nanna down at the beach for some wintery/spring wishing for summer goodness....Lots of 'Scratch meals' a fond reference that my partner and I have always called a meal that consists of bead, dips, olives, cheeses, dolmades and pates plus a glass of red wine...delicious!

Posting: Trying to with more regularity...

Enjoying: The tail end of winter and the emergence of Spring, playing outdoors with my children, long walks, cozy nights and the delights of embracing change and the positive effects it has on everyone around you...

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Ellieboo said...

That Nigel Latte booking looks like my kind of read - look forward to hearing if you think it was worth a read when you have finished.