July 27, 2008

This is....What inspires me...

This weeks "This is..." has been quite the challenge as I have been quite consumed with life and as a result have also had little time to truly reflect as much as I usually do. I have certainly haven't made the time regarding writing on my blog in the last week either so apologies for those who have made an effort to comment and I haven't responded, believe me when I say I will get back to you.

I have had many post ideas swirling through my mind - drafted, discarded and I racked my brains suddenly overawed with the what I could do for this weeks 'free form' theme...so here's my collection of photo's of "This is...what inspires me".....

Horse in snow, originally uploaded by Mr. Physics.

I couldn't remember if we have gone down this track except with inspiration boards... so I felt as I am at a turning point in my life with all things exciting at the moment - more on that later...I have selected photo's that I discovered this week that I love and inspire!.

puddle jumper, originally uploaded by queen's lace.

FISH, originally uploaded by adelg5.

Tokyo's by night, originally uploaded by Nagawika(statoi?).

I chose images that really are an extension of my "This is what makes me happy" post. However... I have included Childhood loves...horses, puddle jumping & marine life, places I have loved visiting Tokyo and Paris and a place to hide away in the mountains.

The inspiration for the "This is..." meme is the brainchild of Angela from Three buttons.


one little acorn said...

This is one of the themes I was going to do... but then I got a bit overwhelmed and wondered where I would start... With all those great blogs out there? Nature? Art? And I changed my ind and did something else instead.
You on the other hand have captured your inspiration beautifully. What a great collection of images. I love them all - especially the puddle jumper.

Moiface said...

That's a great collection!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Great images! I especially love the one of the kid in the ladybug wellies! Such great colours and balance.