July 30, 2008

Baby Mullets and other important topics....

Okay...So My daughter has a 'Baby mullet'...So What!

I don't get the fact I have people commenting on it weekly.

The fact is, she's only 18 months old and really it's still baby hair,
she's not being groomed to be the next "Super Model" baby she is afterall
only just out of being baby and into a toddler, let their hair go free
just as mother nature intended it.

Anyway, 'Baby mullets' have one cool factor they look great with beanies and this is what this post is really leaning towards.
I was asked by fellow blogger Amanda from Ellieboo
on my recent post Taking a leaf....

About the beautiful beanie my daughter is wearing. It was knitted by the very talented "Sheeps Clothing".
I purchased the beanie from Cintia's gorgeous Childrens wear shop
"My Poppet".

Note: This photo was taken by a professional photographer with the intention of transferring it to canvas, the quote we were given was out of our league but thankfully they sent us an image, I hope I am not breaching any copyright ownership here!

However you can purchase "Sheeps Clothing" beanies from her Etsy store as well and there are some very scrumptious looking beanies I must say!

I wanted to share this because I may not yet knit...but I have always loved a handmade knitted jumper, scarf & beanie and I also love supporting talented Australian (or other Nationality) as well..who truly produce beautiful work.

So you see this post wasn't really about 'Baby Mullets', I got on the bandwagon I think after reading Ellieboo's last post!

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Your daughter's hair is gorgeous! Just look at soft blonde-ness. The picture of her in the beanie is just beautiful!

Thank you so much for your kind works and support on my blog today. They really mean a lot to me and I am now motivated to work on the project again! Cyber cuddles back :)