June 16, 2008


After an incredibly hectic week work wise and a little socialising too....

I ended up camping out at the Royal Children's Hospital over the last 36 hours
as my daughter Cleo was diagnosed with Pneumonia on Sunday.

So in between passing the baton with her father for staying with her at the hospital, interstate visitors for my son's now postponed 5th Birthday party and juggling work commitments. I have been some what sidetracked.

I will be catching up on posts but for the moment, as you can imagine my mind is elsewhere. I'll be in touch.

Lilliboo xo


Lisa said...

Wishing Cleo a speedy recovery & wishing you love and strength as you care for her.


one little acorn said...

Best wishes to you and hope Cleo is on the way to a healthy recovery.

Jimmy Trickle said...

Big love to you babe and your littlest babe

Leni & Rose said...

Goodness, pneumonia....best wishes to both of you, poor little thing. Hope she gets better very soon.