April 16, 2008

This is on my desk....

I'm hopeless... I missed last weeks posting for Kirsty's meme "On my desk..." cause I had a big mess on my desk and couldn't think how to artfully arrange it and this week it's even a bigger shambolic mess of everything!!!

So as I sort out all my crap oops stuff and dream of IKEA..... I should really being dreaming of a cabinet maker creating my wonderfully designed cabinets... but that is a budget I can nil afford at this stage.... Ahhh, I keep dreaming... so today I am going to pass the buck so to speak and have researched other people's desks in the hope I can derive some inspiration and maybe this will help me tackle that ever growing pile of... stuff!

1. For the typical desk blog.... Stuff On My desk.....

2. For the title of the blog.... Pimp my desk

3. For a very inspiring blog viewing into studios's and on desks... On My Desk

4. For kawaii desk this from the Flickr photo called... Above my desk
By the enormously talented Liquid paper check out her blog and more photo's....

5. and for something a little more left of centre... Inside my desk..

So that's my contribution for this week... I'll be back to normal posting for "This is my desk.." next week, inspired by my own research and hopefully a lot more organised!

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