March 05, 2008

On my desk .....concept drawings.

I have joined this new meme called "On my desk" inspired by Kootoyoo. read more through the links.

Today, I ran around like a 'blue arsed fly' to coin a very Australian Colloquial term!

After waking, feeding and dropping boywonder off at Kindy by 8:45am (9am my time!) I was off to our regular Toddler Playgroup on which I share responsibility for opening the door on a Wednesday (of course it was my turn this week!). I then came home, Miss 13 month old had her bottle and nap and then I cooked a meal for our regular and original playgroup (we do afternoon fruit and early dinner every Wed) sounds like a hassle but it is very convenient for getting young children to bed early!

Then finally I was able to look at my desk, the clutter on my desk and extract these drawings which are for a client who is renovating a very gorgeous 'Tudor' style apartment in Toorak. So pictured above are the concept drawings which are detailed enough to be given to the cabinetmaker, my fittings bible either 'Blum', 'Hettich' or 'Hafele' for the best cabinetry hardware (German/Austrian hardware is the best!!!) and a magazine from Borders peeping out called 'Veranda'.

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Kirsty said...

I'm putting off extracting some work from a under a pile on my desk right at this very moment.