February 17, 2008

This is what makes me laugh...

This week's theme is "This is what makes me laugh out loud!" the theme is selected by Poppalina and the "This is.." meme is originated (is that a word?) by Three Buttons.

Many things make me laugh...usually it's spontaneous you know, out with the girls a couple of glasses of bubbly and there's always laughter. A night out with friends (boys do laugh too!)... great movie moments that have you rolling the aisles. Tickling little tummies, babies first belly laughs and they do!

My most recent experience of that was in "Little Miss Sunshine", the scene where the young daughter struts her stuff for Little Miss Pageant (can't remember the actual title) it was to me pure genius I had tears rolling down my face.

I also love comedians (who doesn't) Bill Hicks has always been a fav. His poignant insight and observations on America and the world stage...Most recently I have fallen in love with "The Flight of the Conchords" and I posted this clip from youtube here.

I also favour comedians/actors such as Woody Allen, Jack Black (I know he can be questionable at times but can't we all?)...hey there's no women here so I'll give Judith Lucy a big mention for extremely dry wit and humour, there are many others just I can't think of them all..

I saw Dylan Moran last year at the comedy festival and loved his work couldn't wipe the silly grin from my face. So this is who I nominate for this weeks meme. See Youtube post above!


Bec said...

Oh, I agree with all your choices. I LOVE Black books, and was debating about whether to put the 'Brett you got it goin' on' clip, or the 'Business Time' clip on my blog, for Flight of the Conchords - both of these songs just crack me up...my husband now likes to come home from work and remind me that he is wearing his 'business socks'...hehheheheheh

Jenny said...

Isn't it great that wevé got such a lot to laugh about!!!!