February 27, 2008

This is my 200th post!

Gosh, signed in all ready for just another post and noticed on my dashboard that I'm up to 200 posts..Wow!..Small steps. Now I wish I was a consistently crafty person (I was, then lost the habit) So I'm a dabbler..Anyway I don't have anything to offer just a big "Thank you" for those of you who choose to drop by and read my ramblings or view my pictures or catch up, as some friends have duly noted to me in person....although never comment... That's fine with me...it's a wonderful record and there's certainly nothing scientific, ground breaking or innovative about what I write about on my blog.

For me it's a chance to *talk* and I like to *talk*, believe you me, there are a few friends sniggering at this very moment as they read that line.

So on my 200th post I again won't be writing anything movingly profound for today. Just a picture to show celebrating in style....okay, it is at a 'Wiggles' concert...but to redeem myself I am seeing 'Ween' next week!

Post script: If you hadn't noticed! I have changed my banner too. I will work on this..it's a start.


Kirsty said...

Congratulations on the 200th post. I'm looking forward to seeing what is on your desk next Wednesday. Thanks for playing along.

Kyla said...

Congrats on your 200th post. That is really great. Hope you have another 200.

Mark said...

hi liliboo,

long time lurker, almost first time commenter...

congrats, and hope you find blogging rewarding.


one little acorn said...

Love the pic in the new banner. Very eye catching. Well done on 200 posts. Look forward to the next...