February 22, 2008

Commercial work with a French twist!

The photo's I have posted are from a little French Provincial inspired cafe that will be opening soon in Armadale, Melbourne. The client is a young sassy business woman who really has her finger on the pulse in regards to what she loves. Her opening words in my first meeting with her were "I love to surround myself with things that make my heart sing". I thought that was a beautiful saying and have never forgotten it. For me it truly resonated as a mantra for any design work and in regard to your own personal spaces. It's about creating that *feeling* that makes you happy and to evoke that in any space you spend time in.

The cafe will also have an upstairs area, which is truly beautiful and really shows the talent of one of our cabinetmakers. The Director is also a very talented lady and together with her nine year old daughter painted these cabinets for the client. It's inspiring work especially for someone like me who had before working for this particular company would only indulge in modernism, minimalism (for client's that is) and prefers (still do) more the Asian/Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetic. BUT I do have a new found respect for the Historical/period look and surprisingly I am constantly amazed at how good it feels to create pieces inspired from details of old.

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Kristine said...

Ooh, I recognise this location from the coloured squares on the window. I drive past this shop on the school run and have been wondering what's going on in there. Looks like it will be lovely!