January 03, 2008

We are back

I never managed that last post on Christmas Eve with all the final packing and organising to be done. We packed and left and had the most amazing time. Many memorable experiences for our little family on a journey we won't ever forget.

To arrive at 12:30am at my Grandmother's house after 8 hours in the car and too see a little Christmas tree lit up and the delight on my son's face as he saw that Christmas was here. We coaxed him to bed having to bribe with the fact (parent's fact that is!)that Santa wouldn't come with his presents if he didn't go to bed. He was so excited! The next morning he awoke and was opening presents before we had a chance to get out of bed! and for that first day on our holiday a wonderful chaos evolved:

We had Christmas lunch at my cousins house with extended family including my Grandmother, the photo is of Nannan's hand, my hand and Cleo's hand.

I will share more photo's of our delightful experiences on our journey/holiday to Pambula. Otherwise I should wish everyone who reads my blog a very "Happy New Year" for 2008...a year to celebrate many new beginnings......


leslie said...

happy new year! your christmas looks like it was so lovely : )

Lilli boo said...

Thanks Leslie, We really truly had a beautiful Christmas and one I feel we will remember for many years to come.