January 22, 2008

sorting out the kinks....

Back from holidays and we really are sorting out the kinks. Trying to get that balance - we sort of had before Xmas came flying at us, then New years then birthday's, all in a whirlwind haze. I'll have to learn to adjust!

So already we were running out of the essentials too quickly like bread and milk, it sounds ridiculously disorganised and it is.

Take today for example by the time I had organised breakfast- one requested a poached egg the other (can't request at this stage) had banana and cereal and what did I have, two biscuits... I had attempted scrambled eggs which I cook weekly, any time of the year, it's a favourite kick starter to the day and yet I poured in too much milk and they were runny (yuk) and smelt of off milk (double yuk!)... I had used after all, all of the milk in my scrambled eggs and realised I hadn't saved any for my tea... so after dressing children in weather appropriate clothing... I also realised it was 9:15am and I had to be at work at 10am. (lucky really)

Mad dash, peasants bath, dressed in previously worn outfit from two days ago, kids to childcare and me to work seriously resembling something 'the cat dragged in. Off on a break (we don't do formal lunch where I work) I walked down to the dance shop for headbands to help keep greasy hair off face.

So getting back to my point about 'sorting out the kinks' I realised today I have to have some better systems. You know stocked cupboards, bags packed for childcare the night before, clothes washed for better options for outfits for work or play... but you see it's not that easy to say 'I'll have systems' and then they magically appear.

So instead of overwhelming myself with what I should be doing - lists, I came home focussed on children and then miraculously (with help of bread machine) made a loaf of bread... that's helping sorting out the kinks and it will be a lovely start to the day... now all I have to do is get some milk.....


one little acorn said...

A freshly baked loaf of bread is a good place to start to get back to basics and 'sort out the kinks'.

I find it difficult enough to organise myself. Throw in kids and I really don't know how you do it.

starashan said...

that bread looks amazing! breadmaking is so therapeutic :o)