January 17, 2008

New beginnings all round....

New Years resolutions have been recorded for posterity's sake, first week back at work has kicked off nicely with the complete gutting of the showroom and a complete renovation underway! Very exciting, especially as I have been invited to set up the Interior Design area of this company and will have an official space with not only a beautifully crafted table (yes we work with real artisans!) but fabric and wallpaper samples and of course working with a woman who has an incredible understanding of paint colours... We are just about about to complete our first Interior Design fit out in a house in Williamstown, and once I have visited the client's on Saturday I will post pictures of our work insitu. It's very interesting the process and especially as most of the work we design is hand-painted. (or timber finished as timber) We do not design any cabinetry with 2pak Polyurethane or vinyl wrap finishes. I do with other commisions, this work is something special again.

So my work situation is really starting to be uplifting and after so much of the hard yards was done in the first year of this job whilst I was pregnant (2006), then last year whilst juggling a two children and career (2207), the hard toil may just starting to pay off (2008).

I have another obligation to another small company I do freelance work, if they pass anything my way I will accept it, as it is usually fuss free and very easy design work. However it is the third little company I just started doing freelance work for at the end of last year. I am unsure as to whether I can fit this in and feel terrible in accepting work with her and realising after raving how great it will be doing the Commercial work that her set-up just may not suit me. I have to be honest with her when she calls me sometime in the next week to start working with her again an I am dreading it. Only because who likes doing this sort of thing. it's like breaking up early in a relationship and saying "It's not you it's me..." Ever had that said to you? I have...mmmmm... you'd think I'd relish this but I don't I also feel like I am letting down a good friend of mine who had recommended me for the job..I should also call her... This is not fun and it's silly really when you think two years ago I was desperate for work and willing to take anything an now work presents itself to me and I have to turn it away..what a funny world it is.

I feel very fortunate though and really want my current opportunity at the showroom to work, so that's one of my new developments for 2008.. "Keep bringing it on..."

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one little acorn said...

It sounds like you have a very exciting year ahead and all your hard work is paying off. It is fantastic you are working in a job that obviously inspires you so much.
As for the freelance work that you will not be able to continue... it may not be as difficult as you think. I often find these things are worse in my mind (given that I hate letting people down) than in reality. Good Luck.
Looking forward to seeing some of your work in 2008.