December 03, 2007

The original "12 Days of Christmas"

Okay for my amusement more then anyone Else's I have decided on a theme to finish off the year!..It is the "12 Days of Christmas".

Yet I will change the rules. If you click on the 12 days of Christmas link it will take you to Wikipedia, which explains very well, the meaning of the 12 days of Christmas. BUT I am going to change the rules, so instead of starting on Christmas day with a post (I'll be away and not near my computer!!) I am going to start the twelve days of Christmas theme 12 days earlier...(Being a non-practicing Christian I believe I can bend the rules to suit and this is blog land after all).

So from the 13th of December I will and anyone else who would like to join me will be blogging every day to the theme of the "12 days of Xmas" so that each daily post follows the carol. The last post will be the 24th December, Christmas Eve...then I am away for 9 days...

On the twelfth of December I will post the required part of the Christmas Carol for inspiration....
On the first day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
A partridge in a pear tree.

So post with the theme of 'Partridge' or 'Pear' or both or whatever your interpretation is with either words or pictures. Write about your day as normal, if you wish and have a picture or an observation that is relevant. We are thinking about Christmas a lot now and the lead up to Christmas can be creative or stressful (or both) and with a multitude of things happening over this period for everyone, lets read about it!

I'll be posting reminders leading up to the 13th diarise that date!

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