November 05, 2007

A quiet weekend...

We had a very quiet weekend with work and domesticity but not much more. I am and yet frustratingly so, still requiring to find the time for me to paint, draw and more. I want to be creative and am busting at the seams to do so. I am looking for solutions to satisfy this outlet that I have momentarily quashed (for years!) to be resolved by me. I have soooooo many ideas that I recently bought not one but three journals to start the flow of ideas, like I used to. When I was at Uni especially, I always had a little note book in my bag/backpack!I still have all these notebooks and there are some very amusing little sketches anecdotes to my life, which is why I can never throw them out.

I sometimes find I flick through these journals more for nostalgia then inspiration. Sometimes cringing and sometimes with laughter, it's amazing that these journals of jottings & sketches can take you through the whole gamut of emotions. I love going through them and realising just how far I have come and how far I still have to go.

photo taken by my sister Christina of me and friends, 1989.

They can still give me that sense of wonderment that I had back then in the late-eighties, early-nineties as I embarked through life more independently from my parents and even to an extent my peers with whom many were still living at home with all the creature comforts of Mum's cooking and bills paid by their parents. Yet I was 19 years old when I first moved out of home (due to my Parents having to return to Canberra after living with me for the first year of my degree in Sydney) so with a sense of freedom and little sense of being abandoned I took on all the responsibility of looking after myself and getting through a degree. Not so unusual I'll admit, there are many who have gone down this path, it's the life skills you are set up with to handle different situation's that is the key for coping, but I didn't fall of the band wagon as I could have...

Instead, I embraced life to the full. Making many many mistakes along the way and having a hell of a lot of fun as well. There were dark moments, very dark moments and they thankfully were balanced with fantastic moments, times of 'joie de vivre!' and somehow I managed to finish my degree and walk away with a sense of achievement and disillusioned at the same time, as to what was install for me. As with obtaining a degree at the time I completed mine, it was the early nineties and Paul Keating's word's resonated "...The recession we had to have!" But as always we embraced these moments with what resonated for us at the time.

photo taken by my sister Christina of myself and sister Kirsten, 1989.

With popular culture going through a huge shift at the point I finished my degree, I would say the early nineties really marks a cultural and social shift for my generation(X). When people remark on music that they would chose for their 40th birthday's as being chosen from the eighties...yes there are many classics's that will be played at mine (2008) but I also strongly identify with a wider variety of music and one that I came to embrace was the genre of 'Grunge' as where bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and of course the classic Nirvana. I strongly identify with the music from this period it was voice of a generation changing and not knowing what direction it was going.

This taste for music also extended to 'Faith No More' balanced with the other extreme of 'Soul II Soul' and then the other extreme 'Tracey Chapman' plus many other styles of music in between. I would in all seriousness have to say that it is the nineties music that resonates way more for me than the eighties and that again I reiterate there are many fantastic tunes from that period but there are also some really hideous poppy ridiculous melodies and clothes that I am glad to have left behind and saddened to see reemerging now!!! LET IT GO PEOPLE

So you see I have definitely had a quiet weekend cause I may not have a chance for some creative output but there's no denying I have had some time for some creative thinking and I have been doing a lot of that of late.

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