October 15, 2007


Granted I have had a long two weeks. Kids with colds, me with a cold...lots of sore throats, sore heads, dry coughs and loads of nose blowing...So I was bound to have felt I needed a break...reality is with no immediate family except one sister around me (who works full time) I really felt the pinch I needed to change the mood. I achieved this by listening to good 'ole Jeff Buckley and that did the trick! His acclaimed album 'Grace' has been an on and off favourite of mine when I am feeling melancholy...I also enjoyed watching my four year old dance around the lounge room to his music. It felt much better afterwards, like a release. I do love that about music how you can match your mood and change the whole perception of your world for a moment and allow the music, vocals to release your inner emotions so to speak...

We've all done it. Played that certain song when we broke up with someone. I can't remember any of the songs that resonated at that moment cause I have been with MD for so long...I think the songs that affected me at these times (and there were a few!) were mostly what was popular at the time and maybe bought back memories of times spent with that person. One very strong memory was an ex who loved 'The Rolling Stones' and seriously I have never really dug their music but after that brief relationship was over I had a new pet dislike for 'The Stones' I can still picture that guys face and how their music made him feel...His arrogance resonates, My happiness doesn't desire 'The Rolling Stones'.

So moving on...MD has a fantastic collection of music so diverse it was one of many things that I have always found attractive about him (and not one Rolling Stone's album!!) that's my guy!

Our most recent discovery through friends, as you do 'share the wealth' are a duo called the "Flight of the Chonchords". Watch their video on the above post it's a cracker!

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