July 20, 2007

Still overcast

The weather in Melbourne has been bleak to say the least, but I am enjoying it. It has no reflection on my mood or has affected my mood in anyway, it's more about the fact that summer was so stifling hot to the point it was unbearable and I for the first time ever was really wishing for colder weather. It has come and with a vengeance Yay! Can't believe I am typing that, However there have been glimpses of the sun and it's warmth whilst feeling quite distant and just touching you is still however welcomed.
I'm happy tho to snuggle in the warmth of my bed reading a good book with no interruptions which for me has to be between the hours of 11pm to 4am...I need to sleep and actually feel very tired from this weeks events. A LOT of running around and wasting energy on worry, for instance going to the movies wasn't for me a straight forward event. I worried that Cleo would wake-up hungry whilst I was at the movies and that I am hopeless because I can't express enough to stock up on, (unlike with my first pregnancy when I had litres of milk in the freezer). I have been very hard on myself in this area and had mentioned it to one of my mother's group friends. She kindly pointed out that I wasn't running after a 4 year with my first child and it made me feel better and realise she's right.
That is a too familiar point that I am hard on myself a common mistake, so I am resolving to be kinder to myself, going to the movies was one of those moments and I am going to get back into the habit of taking that little bit extra time to nice things for me. (helps in turn to being kinder to others) Oh and for the record Cleo settled down for the evening, there was never any reason to worry.
The newly arranged study/studio has helped immensely and this Sunday I will start to complete the next phase of sorting, filing and discarding. In the meantime this pseudo blog for crafting which has become a more "this is about me journal" is a self realisation that I am really just using this blog to become more resolved. (My favourite new term after rediscovering 'terrific')
Eventually, one day I will present something i have created other then the Interiors I have working on, which is all I seem to have time for other then my family.
Which I cherish.

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